Buyer’s Agent – Bill Shields

Experience Matters:
30 Years in Real Estate, 20 Years as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent!

Since 1985, Bill Shields has been there for you. With all that real estate experience, you can rest assured that you’re getting the “best North Texas has to offer.”
We began exclusively representing buyers in 1994 (the year we formed Buyer’s Resource). Our REALTORS specialize in representing only buyers.
Our team of experienced real estate professionals brings you more than 45 years of real estate expertise – representing you as the home buyer, exclusively – to protect your rights and interests throughout the entire home buying process.

What Does This Mean To You?

  • Knowledge – Everything there is to know about our region
  • Communication – Guiding you through equal negotiation grounds
  • Negotiation Ability – Getting the best price, strategy and researching every area to evaluate what’s in your best interest
  • Experience – Completion of the entire process to your satisfaction

Being an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is the best job we’ve ever had and we love doing it!

What exactly do we do for you?
We promise to:

  • Listen to you and search for homes that meet your needs
  • Gather information about schools in the areas you request
  • Gather information about commuting to and from locations in the area and busy times in traffic
  • Find the home that best fits your lifestyle
  • Determine how motivated the seller is
  • Evaluate home values based on past sales
  • Help you avoid making expensive real estate mistakes
  • Help you buy the right home at the lowest price and to SAVE YOU MONEY