Be Cautious When Building A Home

Building A House

We’re thrilled about all the new companies moving to our area, but buyer beware about the low inventory on existing homes. In the Greater Dallas area it’s common right now for home buyers to consider purchasing a new construction home. Being the first to live in and own a home can be exciting and open many opportunities that you would not have with purchasing an existing home. These possibilities also come with other factors that require careful consideration to ensure the home buyer is satisfied with the outcome.

Beware: Some Home Builders Are Cutting Corners

Occasionally you will see home builders that raise their profits by shaving down the size of closets or eliminating one all together as well as implementing other tactics. Some of these strategies can be detected by someone with an untrained eye, however others are harder to catch. By utilizing a buyer’s agent throughout the home buying process, buyers can avoid these strategies and find the home they truly desire and deserve.

Beware: New Construction Sales Reps Work For The BUILDER

A reputable builder will welcome agents and their expertise in negotiating, so you should never rely solely on a new construction sales representative to handle your negotiations. First and foremost, they work for the builder so it’s important that you have exclusive buyer representation to represent you and your needs.

Right Now It’s A Seller’s Market

Currently we are experiencing what is referred to as a “Seller’s Market” where the sellers are at an advantage because demand for homes is high while the supply of existing homes on the market is rather low. Don’t let this situation cost you more money than necessary, or put you into a home you don’t truly desire. It’s more important than ever to secure buyer representation such as Bill Shields to assist you with the home buying process from beginning to end. If you’re beginning the search now for your next home, please contact us for assistance today!