What’s an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

…and why do I need one?
Usually, the first person you talk to about buying a home is a real estate agent or broker. Most traditional real estate brokers do provide helpful advice.
But in many cases, the traditional agent wants to show you only their company’s listings – in order to generate twice the commission income for their company. This can cause a conflict of interest because of the difficulties in representing the best interests for both the buyer and the seller at the same time.
So try working with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent – who is a licensed real estate agent or broker knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate buying process. An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent looks out for your interest (and yours alone) as a real estate buyer.
Having someone look after your interests as the home buyer is a smart move!
An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent should have a track record of providing results in an ethical and professional manner, and should possess the following:

  • industry certification and accreditation
  • understanding mortgages and financing
  • expertise with real estate contracts
  • strong negotiation skills
  • knowledge of the geographic areas in which you want to live
  • references from satisfied clients

How does it work?
Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments most people make. The decision has to be right for you – both emotionally and financially.
Our job as Exclusive Buyer’s Agents is to help you find the right house, negotiate the lowest possible price, and SAVE YOU MONEY.
Remember – if you contact a listing agent directly, that one person is representing both you and the seller in the transaction. They already have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller PLUS they can earn double the commission on the sale!

Who’s looking out for you?
Texas real estate law states that an intermediary representative must treat all parties fairly and honestly. This makes it seem acceptable to have one agent representing both buyer and seller.
But – if you were involved in a lawsuit, would you want to be represented by the same attorney, or even the same law firm, as your opposition? (Answer: No!) That conflict of interest could cost you greatly.

Always insist on an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent
We’ll represent your best interests throughout the entire home buying process. You’ll reap the benefits:

  • Professional representation with integrity
  • Ability to negotiate the lowest price
  • A business relationship with loyalty, confidentiality and trust
  • A focus on your interests 100% of the time
  • Access to all available MLS listings – and new home builders
  • Up-front counseling to clearly define your specific desires and needs
  • Price comparisons and advice on offering strategy, based on our years of experience
  • Non-biased disclosure of property strengths and weaknesses to help you make an educated decision

In a nutshell…
…We don’t accept listings of homes for sale and we never represent the seller. That way, we’re free to help you find the home you really want!
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