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Area Information: The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Dallas and Fort Worth have both been listed as top ‘destination cities’ in the United States, according to a recent news announcement by U-Haul, Inc.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex attracts home buyers from other metropolitan areas of the country, where soaring real estate prices have created both a market that encourages people to cash out of their homes and put pressure on others to seek out more affordable areas in which to live.

Real estate investors and developers are also finding many opportunities in the area with its steady growth rate.

What Makes up the Metroplex?

The Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, a title designated by the U.S. Census as of 2003, encompasses 12 counties in north Texas.

The metropolitan area is further divided into two metropolitan divisions: Dallas/Plano/Irving and Fort Worth/Arlington. Residents of this region informally refer to it as the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, or simply The Metroplex (the term was originally invented to refer to Dallas/Fort Worth). North Texas is also a commonly used term.

According to estimates in the July 2006 U.S. Census, the metropolitan area has a population of six million. The Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington MSA is the largest metropolitan area in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States.

The Metroplex also encompasses 9,249 square miles (24,000 km²) of land, making it larger in area than New Jersey.
Dallas is also one of 11 U.S. global cities, being ranked a “Gamma World City” by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network.

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