Toyota Moving to Texas – What Relocating Californians Can Expect

The Move from California to Texas Chances are, you’ll want to move by car with all of your belongings when finally venturing out to Texas. The trip, depending what part of California you are coming from, is give-or-take 30 hours. Your best bet is to break this up into two days, staying in New Mexico for a break before continuing on. Make sure to have all your ducks in a row before you move. Use the checklist below to help […]

Home Decorating Safety Tips For the Holidays

Fall is here, and that means winter is just around the corner! By now you’ve most likely decorated the house with pumpkins, autumn-colored leaves, and friendly harvest items. But once these are put away come late November, it will be time to string up the lights and decorate the Christmas tree! It seems only appropriate to share with first-time and seasoned home buyers alike the dangers and safety tips to keep in mind while embellishing your home and trimming your […]

Don’t Think Dallas is For You? Think Again!

Every state has a city that never sleeps, or so it seems. Dallas, Texas is no exception to the rule. There are songs written about it, artwork centered on it, and even a TV show named after it! But what makes this area a great place to live in isn’t the build up by the media; it’s the eclectic variety of neighborhoods that make up the city as a whole, providing everyone with a wonderful place to call home, no […]

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home

Out previewing new construction homes for a couple relocating to Frisco, Texas on Saturday! New home builders are forecasting their biggest year nationwide since 2007. Since the beginning of 2012 we have helped several buyers of new construction homes negotiate the price, quality of the lot and additional upgrades. It is a common misconception among buyers to assume they don’t need an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent to represent them when buying from the builder. In addition, some are under the impression […]

Why Pre-qualification Should be Your First Step

As a buyer, it is wise to get pre-qualified before you go out looking for a home. There are many reasons, but the most important reasons are that it benefits you, your agent, and the seller. First, the most important beneficiary, of course, is you. The mortgage pre-qualification step is a relatively simple one, but it is an important one. It begins the process of formally applying for a mortgage, and it gives everyone involved–especially you–a clear sense of the […]

10 Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

2.  Assuming foreclosures are great deals.  Due to the significant decline in home values, purchasing a foreclosure may not be the best choice.  The lender will still try to recoup their investment even if the home value has dropped.  You must also take into consideration possible damage to the home from the previous owners, vandals, or from just sitting vacant.  The price of the home, together with repair costs, may not make it such a great deal. Check back later for […]