Toyota Moving to Texas – What Relocating Californians Can Expect

The Move from California to Texas

Chances are, you’ll want to move by car with all of your belongings when finally venturing out to Texas. The trip, depending what part of California you are coming from, is give-or-take 30 hours. Your best bet is to break this up into two days, staying in New Mexico for a break before continuing on.

Make sure to have all your ducks in a row before you move. Use the checklist below to help your transition go seamlessly (click HERE to download the full PDF version of the moving checklist).

Bill Shields Moving Checklist for Moving to Texas from California

What’s Different About Living in Texas?

Culture shock is natural for those who are moving out of their home state, or a state they’ve lived in for a few years. Knowing what to expect before the move can help ease worry and tensions before making the final move.


Well, this one should go without saying, but you’ll want to prepare yourself for more eclectic weather than you may be used to in California. It rains about as often as it does in Southern California, but the rain comes down with a bit more force than typical showers in California.
Lucky for you, earthquakes won’t be a problem in your new location. However, you get to trade out one natural trouble for another: tornadoes. The upside is that you get a fair amount of warning when a tornado is coming, unlike an earthquake. For more tornado safety and preparedness information, check out this article.

Summers turn up the heat, and while you’re giving up the ocean for a cool-off during the hotter months, lake and river trips will soon become your best friend. If they aren’t already, sunscreen and insect repellant will become your summer skin regimen soon enough.

Unless you lived in the mountains in California, you’ll have a bit of an adjustment to make come winter time. Be sure to read up on de-icing your car correctly before the season comes, and stay up-to-date on weather alerts before venturing out each day for work or your daily errands. Ice on the roads can make driving hazardous, but Texas works diligently on keeping things as safe and clear as possible. On the upside, you’ll start to accumulate a new section of your wardrobe for winter wear that will help keep you toasty warm during the plummeting temperatures.

But with all the changes you’ll have to go through to acclimate to the wild, unpredictable weather that makes Texas what it’s famous for, you’ll often get to enjoy beautiful sunsets that are truly postcard-worthy.


Take some still shots of the ocean and mountains before you move, because those images will no longer be readily available once you make your move to Texas. But, while you may lose one scenic view, you will gain another. You’ll soon be open to large, open skies with those colorful sunsets we mentioned, beautiful lakes, green fields and trees galore. Each season brings its own priceless views. Just look up “Texas Fall” on Google and see the breathtaking array of colors you’re bound to see.

Free Fun

Yeah, that’s right, you’ll soon be able to go out and enjoy Dallas for FREE once you move. While you may have headed to the beach whenever you were looking for low-cost fun, you know have several options to keep your weekends occupied at minimal cost. North Texas offers several free options for those looking to get out and enjoy Texas on the weekend while spending little. Whether you’re a history buff or an outdoors junkie, Texas has tons to do on a tight budget. A quick search can help you find upcoming free festivals and events year-round.


The economy in North Texas has been called “robust,” “rich” and “unwavering,” among other terms. The continuing migration of companies over to North Texas has resulted in North Texas’ economy growing faster than the state of Texas as a whole. Additionally, Comerica reports found that North Texas’ economy is robust, largely due to the increasing number of jobs available in the area. Needless to say, North Texas is a pretty safe and secure place economically.

With housing prices and cost of living being lower in Texas than in California, those who move can live comfortably. Housing value is on the rise, making this a great time to buy a home in North Texas.

Location: What’s Around North Texas?

That’s where we come in. At Bill Shield’s Buyers Agency, we can help show you what location is right for you. With Toyota moving to Plano, Texas, there are quite a few towns close-by to choose from, with each having their own, unique twist. Are you the type that likes to have an artfully-made drink after a long work day, or enjoy a patio dinner with other young professionals? Plano by the Shops at Legacy just might be for you.

More of a brick home, quiet neighborhood, family lifestyle? Allen is not too far away, and has some great properties, as does Frisco. From finding a ready-made home to building your own from the bottom up, we can help determine what home/area the best for you and your family. Check out our MLS listings to get an idea of what’s out there and available today.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Home in North Texas

The move is set, and now the hunt is on. You may already have an idea of what style of home you want: 2 stories or one, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and so on. But do you know what small details to look for?

Here’s just a small list of things that a home buying agent can help you look out for when on the search for the perfect home:

–          Cracked foundation: is any part of the sidewalk cracked, or the foundation around the sides of the potential home? This is a tell-tale sign of trouble.

–          Your view: If you’re getting a two-story home, make sure to take care in looking out each window upstairs. What does your view look like? Is there anything unsightly or bothersome?

–          Your environment: Take a look at what is surrounding the home. Are you near train tracks, electric poles, or large trees? Are any of these things that would bother you?

That’s just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to searching for a new house to call home, and that’s exactly where we come in to help. Click HERE to learn how Bill Shields Buyers Agency can help you find the home of your dreams here in North Texas, and congrats on your move!

BONUS: learn all of the proud Texas symbols the state has HERE before you make your move! Did you know? The Texas insect is the monarch butterfly!